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Assent of the Darkness

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The dark cave walls around me were screaming with untold stories from the past. I had not planned on waiting alone in a dark space until I found the letter saying to meet there. After waiting for most of the night, I was getting cold and my fur coat and lined boots were not enough to keep me from shivering. I thought of starting a fire so I could see my surroundings and keep warm, but didn’t want to attract anything towards me.

In the main village, I was safe. Others surrounded me, and although most didn’t know what I was doing in my shack late into the night, they could hear me scream if raiders attacked.

In the cave, I was unprotected, alone, and not a soul in sight to hear me.

I took a glance around and noticed the cave did not have any depth past the entrance. I knew, at least when I could see, that the cave was empty, and nothing could sneak up from behind me. Anything with enough stealth could have easily snuck up and slit my throat.

Leaving and returning home was a thought that crossed my mind many times as the night grew colder. If it were not for the promise in the letter, I would have.

As the moon left the night sky and only the darkness remained, I heard shuffling coming towards me. It filled the night with creaking. I assumed the noises were just creatures that lived in the woods.

I crouched down against the back wall of the cave, realizing it was damp and making me colder. It was the only defense I had, aside from the smaller dagger I kept clutched in my hand since I had arrived.

My eyes were weak from staring out into the night, but I saw the figure’s silhouette block out any remaining light from the sky as it approached me. It was large both in height and width but was human, or at least in its form.

“I have been waiting for ages, is it true what is said in this note?” I asked.

“It is, but it comes with a price. Are you willing to pay?” the unknown voice shook through me.

“Whatever it takes, I need it.” I felt the desperation trickle out in my voice, but I couldn’t hide it. Having the amulet would change everything for me. There was nothing I wouldn’t do to make it my own.

The being grabbed my wrist before I realized what was going on. I could not make out a single line on the face, even with it inches from my own.

They pierced my flesh multiple times, and I could feel the blood flowing out of me. I could feel myself getting weak. There was no movement from the creature as I tried to pull my wrist back and struggled. My eyes grew heavy and the fight in my soul had left. My weakness numbed the pain taking over.

Then it stopped. Everything seemed to stop in place. The creature’s mouth wrapped around my wrist and drank the blood coming from my wounded arm. It felt calming, and a smile formed on my face. I knew bloodsuckers from tales but had never seen one in the flesh.

When its mouth lifted from my arm, it released me, and I fell to the ground. I felt my life slipping away and before I passed out; the creature placed the amulet into my chest. The stone pressed into my skin and my flesh wrapped around it, forming a permanent bond.


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