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Delights Coffee

When I first saw him walk through the front door of the coffee shop I worked at, my heart stopped. I’ve never been one for love at first sight and had a rule of keeping my work and personal life separate. I figured I could make an exception a single time, especially since he was simply a customer.

His hair was light brown and wavy and sat right below his chin. His eyes were a deep brown that might not get a second look from most, but the way they glistened in the light made me smile. Most days at the coffee shop were boring and blurred together, but that day would have me thinking about him for quite some time. It was only me and Marissa working, and I had to make sure I was the one to take his order.

I knew nothing about this man, and at the moment it didn't matter because I had the fantasy created in my mind. For all I know he was a killer, married, or merely not looking for anyone, but it didn't matter. My heartbeat raced as he walked up to the counter, and I rushed over before Marissa even noticed.

“Welcome to Delights Coffee, my name is Angela, what can I get started for you?” I asked, noticing I was smiling staring at his face. I tilted my head down, looking at the register, hoping he didn't notice.

“I'll take a large mocha, hot.” He said as he looked at his watch.

Great, he is another businessman in a rush, no time for small talk.

“That’ll be $5.25. What's your name?”


I took his card, gave him his receipt, and got to making his drink. So Mark wasn't much of a talker and was a busy guy. That's not all bad, there is plenty more fun to be had that doesn't involve deep conversations right away. I got lost in my head wondering what he did for a living, and where he was from. It wasn't a large town and I couldn't imagine anyone would move to it by choice. Before I realized I was in dreamland thinking about him, I overfilled the milk and it spilled all over the counter.

I glanced up and he was smiling and my face flushed completely. I could feel his beautiful eyes staring through me, not with malice, but in compassion.

“I'm so sorry,” I said, even though it didn't get on him, and I had to clean up the mess.

“Not a problem, glad to see you are alright after such a spill.” He joked.

It wasn't funny, but I laughed nonetheless. Partly out of embarrassment, but also because of my nerves. I cleaned up the mess as best I could and started his drink over, making sure to focus on the milk, and not him. I couldn't see if my face was still red, but it felt warm and I'm sure he noticed.

Trying not to make any more of a fool of myself, I finished up his order and held it out for him.

“Sorry about the wait, I hope you aren't scared off from coming back.”

“Not at all, it made my day.”

He reached for his drink, lightly brushing my hand in the transfer, and started to head out. As he grabbed the door to leave, he stopped and then turned back to me.

“I’m sorry if this is weird, but what are you doing after work? I feel bad my drink made such a mess so early in your shift, and I’d like to take you out to make things better.”

Is he seriously asking me out because I spilled milk all over and he felt bad? Who is this man?

“I get off at four, and I’d love to,” I said, unable to remove the smile from my face.

“I'll see you then,” He said before finally leaving and I sank to the floor unsure of what happened.

I looked up to Marissa, sure she would have something smart to say but instead, she only laughed and held out her hand to help me back to my feet.

“Looks like you finally got yourself a man, Angie.”


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